Cuddle Blanket and Baby Blanket Options

Below is a list of my cuddle blanket size options. Currently, I am taking orders for kitty and bear cuddle blankets (or for custom baby blankets and sets). Also, I am in the process of designing a snuggle bunny cuddle blanket which which will be another option to choose from.

Each blanket takes about 1-2 months to make, depending on size, materials, details, and on how many orders are ahead of you. I will let you know when your order can be completed before agreeing to anything.

(blanket sizes are in inches and do not include head and paws - also, these blankets stretch out over time)

*infant/baby - 20 x 35
*young child - 35 x 50

Price depends on cost of supplies and size desired. Larger sizes are available.

I am currently booked through April 2016.

This is my hobby and not a "job" - I do this because I love making things, especially for babies and children. I try to keep costs down to a minimum. The first payment (agreed to in advance) is required up front in first invoice to buy and order supplies, along with estimated shipping costs, and is non-refundable. I cannot afford to accept returns.

I prefer payments through Paypal, unless otherwise agreed to in advance.

I look forward to making something for you!
Janet Marie.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Handmade Crochet Baby Blanket with Matching Cap, Mittens and Booties

This handmade crochet baby blanket, cap, mittens and booties are my own design.  This can be made for you in any color you wish and different trim options also.  

Blanket is approximately 35-inches square - or can do a 30x40-inch rectangle.

Purple-ombre blanket shown is made with a picot style border.
Pink-ombre blanket shown is made with a lattice and shell border.
Other baby samples that I have made and sold are at the bottom. 

Both blankets shown are made using a half-shell stitch and are adorable.
Hat, Booties and Mittens can be made without blanket and visa versa.



  1. Hi Janet,
    Would love to know the brand and color of the varigated yarns that you use for your projects.
    You are a very talented crocheter!

  2. These blankets are beautiful! Love that there are matching accessories. How do I get patterns?