Cuddle Blanket and Baby Blanket Options

Below is a list of my cuddle blanket size options. Currently, I am taking orders for kitty and bear cuddle blankets (or for custom baby blankets and sets). Also, I am in the process of designing a snuggle bunny cuddle blanket which which will be another option to choose from.

Each blanket takes about 1-2 months to make, depending on size, materials, details, and on how many orders are ahead of you. I will let you know when your order can be completed before agreeing to anything.

(blanket sizes are in inches and do not include head and paws - also, these blankets stretch out over time)

*infant/baby - 20 x 35
*young child - 35 x 50

Price depends on cost of supplies and size desired. Larger sizes are available.

I am currently booked through April 2016.

This is my hobby and not a "job" - I do this because I love making things, especially for babies and children. I try to keep costs down to a minimum. The first payment (agreed to in advance) is required up front in first invoice to buy and order supplies, along with estimated shipping costs, and is non-refundable. I cannot afford to accept returns.

I prefer payments through Paypal, unless otherwise agreed to in advance.

I look forward to making something for you!
Janet Marie.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Handmade Crochet Bear Cuddle Blanket - Red (commissioned)

Handmade by me - commissioned order for young child - this crochet bear cuddle blanket is approximately 35-inches wide x 50-inches long (not counting head and paws).  Blanket is my own design, using a half-shell stitch and adding a nice collar; head and paws are improvised from an old free pattern.

Each blanket takes about a month to make - sometimes more, depending on details.

For more information and pricing, send me an email.

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